Coachings with Ms. Chiang are the most valuable lessons I’ve experienced in my years of piano playing. Her lessons are well-balanced, well-organized, goal-oriented, very enjoyable, and consistently constructive. She has great in-depth understanding of piano playing in areas including but not limited to technique, musical expression, performance, various styles and practice habits. She has without a doubt, completely turned around my piano playing and my general feeling towards music.

Chika Nobumori – BS from UCLA; Indiana Music conservatory of music acceptance. (Enrolled in individual piano lessons and Santa Monica College’s performing class with Nora CW.)

I was a student in the SMC performing class and I also studied piano privately with Nora. I used to struggle to play virtuosic repertoire because of pain I experienced in my arms and wrists. Nora helped me develop a stronger support in my hands so that I no longer feel pain. Nora’s piano teachings are empowering–she breaks down a piece of music to its unique pianistic techniques and motions. After a lesson, I know exactly how to practice difficult passages and my practicing is more focused and productive. Now I am playing virtuosic repertoire that I never thought would be within my reach. Nora also offers studio master classes that are excellent opportunities for students to perform, learn from each other, and enjoy social camaraderie.

Daniel Thompson – BS from UCLA.
(Enrolled in individual piano lessons and Santa Monica College’s performing class with Nora CW.)

I came to Nora with limited classical piano skill and knowledge and some serious technical issues. She was quickly able to assess my weak areas and address them with a methodical and unique approach that gave me the confidence to explore and tackle much more challenging music. I would highly recommend Nora to anyone – whether beginner or advanced player – who wants to improve their piano skills, increase their repertoire and learn how to express themselves and make beautiful music.

Rod Terrell – Corporate Building Maintenance Engineer; Worked as jazz pianist.
(Enrolled in individual classical piano lessons with NCW.)

I took vocal coaching sessions from Nora in which we covered both art songs and opera arias. Nora was such a help to me and I learned a tremendous amount in so many musical areas. Her knowledge of all things musical is staggering and she is the type of teacher from which ANY kind of musician can benefit.

Manami Sugimori – BA in voice from Kyoto University of Arts; Soprano
(Enrolled in individual vocal coachings and SMC’s performing class with NCW.)

In addition to being extremely knowledgeable, Nora knows how to motivate her students to reach a level of true musical excellence and she knows how to lead them technically to their musical goals. It’s her sense of humor, though, that keeps the lessons so enjoyable. After lessons with her I marvel at how I can learn so much without any feelings of stress. Sessions with her are just invigorating.

Billy Tobenkin – BA from Cornell University; Cellist
(Enrolled in individual cello coachings and SMC’s performing class with NCW.)

I have been studying with Nora Chiang Wrobel for three years. Nora is not only a wonderful teacher but a beautiful performer as well. I’m blessed to have her as my teacher. I practice three to four hours daily and my repertoire includes Bach prelude and fugues, Beethoven sonatas, Chopin nocturnes, Mozart sonatas, and Rachmaninoff etudes-tableaux.

Sandy Nixon – 72-year-old sister of renowned jazz bassist Ron Carter.
(Enrolled in individual piano lessons with NCW.)

With Nora’s patient help I am progressing. She breaks down my practice time into specific, manageable tasks… She has a holistic sensibility… and helps me keep my goals in sight and expectations in proper perspective. [She] takes a dynamic approach instead of sticking to a stale, rigid formula… I particularly appreciate Nora’s goal-oriented approach, as well as her emphasis on my responsibility to follow through on my commitment. She’s a definite find!

Karla Jackson Mendelson – Actor & Performer.
(Enrolled in individual piano lessons with NCW.)